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We partner with the best companies in the exterior building services industry.

Are you a market leader in your area?

Do you care deeply about employee safety?

Are you committed to delivering best-in-class services for your customers?

If the answer is yes—join us.

As a leading national platform in commercial building services, partnering with us opens up endless possibilities for what we can achieve together.

Our Partnerships

Delivering Excellence with Valcourt

The Valcourt Group is more than a collection of companies. 

We’re a family. 

Together we strive to be the single-service provider dedicated to protecting and preserving every surface of every building. 

It’s not just buildings we protect—we want to preserve your legacy.

Our mission is to help your business soar to new heights while ensuring you continue delivering excellent services to your customers and community. 

Why partner with Valcourt?

By joining forces with Valcourt, you'll have access to a wealth of expertise and resources. Plus, you'll be able to tap into our established networks and market reach to help grow your business and increase your market value. 

And the best part? By choosing a building partner you can trust, you ensure ongoing success and legacy continuation. Let's explore the benefits of partnering with Valcourt for your employees, customers, and business.

For Your Employees

Career Growth

When you join a larger organization with more roles to fill, your employees have greater opportunities for advancement.

Professional Development

The Valcourt Group is number one in safety. Our team leaders have trained businesses, customers, and competitors in industry rules and regulations. Your team will have the chance to develop new skills, earn credentials and train with industry leaders.

Greater Support

Starting from day one, we support your employees by ensuring a smooth transition process and offering resources for continued growth and development. We aim to maintain a positive work environment, build on your thriving culture and provide ample opportunities for our new team members to thrive.

Improved Benefits

We understand the importance of offering better benefits to your workforce, particularly healthcare coverage. That's why we are dedicated to providing comprehensive health insurance and wellness programs. Our commitment to delivering top-notch benefits guarantees that the health and well-being of your employees remain our utmost priority, not only during the sales process but also after the acquisition of your business.

For your clients

Peace of Mind Approach 

We are committed to providing the same level of quality service and attention they have come to expect. Our professionals will work closely with your clients to ensure a smooth transition and maintain strong relationships.

Best-In-Class Service Delivery

Our dedication to service delivery ensures that your clients will continue to receive top-notch service and support from our team. We pride ourselves on providing personalized attention and tailoring our services to meet each client's unique needs, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty.


Whether it’s daily meetings with a project manager, discussing details with an on-site window cleaning supervisor, or sharing site-specific safety documentation, we go above and beyond to keep customers informed.

Relationship Focused with Additional Resources and Service Capabilities

We prioritize building strong connections with our clients and their businesses. We also offer additional resources and service capabilities to help your business grow and thrive under our ownership, such as access to a broader network of industry contacts, specialized expertise, and innovative technologies.

Committed to Quality

When your customers call for help, you can be assured they will receive prompt, quality services from the most trusted network of building exterior experts.


The Valcourt Group is committed to providing employees and clients with a safe work environment. We take all necessary precautions to ensure we comply with all regulations associated with our work.

For you 

Legacy Continuation

We recognize the value of your business's history, culture, and achievements and strive to honor and build upon your legacy. Our team is dedicated to working closely with you to ensure a smooth ownership transition and to preserve the core values and vision that made your business successful.

Say & Do Ratio

We believe in walking the talk at Valcourt. Actions speak louder than words, so we follow through on commitments. We take pride in being known for reliability, accountability, and transparency. Our mission is to uphold these values throughout every sales process step.

A Streamlined Process

From the signing of the Non-Disclosure Agreement; to the LIO to closing, we keep the lines of communication open and have leaders on hand to answer any questions.

Market Value Return

Our team of experts conducts thorough market research and analysis to ensure we offer a fair price that reflects the true value of your business. We are dedicated to transparency and open communication throughout the entire valuation process, ensuring that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about the sale of your business.

A Business Partner You Can Trust

We strive to make our acquisition process as transparent as possible. And we will continue to provide support long after the acquisition is complete.

Diligence Through Closing

We verify every piece of information and have internal resources and third-party legal and financial partners review all aspects of the business and potential acquisition.


An Evolution ofA History of Service Excellence

  • 1986

    Valcourt Building Services was founded by Jeffery Valcourt in Virginia.

  • 2019

    JOBS Group founded

  • December 2020

    Scottie’s and EDS acquired

  • April 2021

    Valcourt and JOBS Group merge

  • June 2021

    HSG acquired

  • September 2021

    Martin's Window Cleaning acquired

  • October 2021

    A1 Orange acquired

  • November 2021

    Sightline acquired

  • March 2022

    EV Airtight is acquired

  • August 2022

    City Window Cleaning acquired

  • October 2022

    American National Skyline (ANSI) acquired

  • December 2022

    Jenkintown Building Services (JBS) acquired

Partnership FAQS

The first step in initiating the acquisition process is easy. Just contact us! Click the contact button, send an email or call our corporate headquarters.
There are three main phases of the acquisition process. The first phase is the NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement. The second phase is the LOI (Letter of Intent) phase when an offer is made. The final step of the acquisition process is Diligence through closing where we learn and verify all necessary information about the business.
The NDA- or, Non-Disclosure Agreement, is the first step in allowing us to learn enough about your business to provide a valuation and make a contingent and non-binding offer to buy your company.  The NDA is simply a document executed by the prospective buyer and seller, ensuring the confidentiality of the sensitive information exchanged as we learn more about your business.  It is a legal obligation on the part of both parties to keep the information confidential.  We take this obligation very seriously and stake our reputation on keeping information secure throughout the process.
While the LOI (letter of intent) is not binding to either party to consummate a deal, it is not something to be taken lightly.  The diligence phase requires both parties to spend time and money arriving at mutually agreeable terms for us to buy your business.  If we execute and deliver an LOI to you, you can be certain we want your business to be part of the Valcourt family.
This is the phase that should take us right up to the closing of the deal to acquire your business.  This period typically ranges from 45-90 days, depending on the size of the deal and the timely delivery of requested information.  Our objective for this phase is to verify the information we’ve already learned and do a deeper dive into the business.  We will use internal resources as well as third-party legal and financial partners to professionally conduct critical parts of this process.

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