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Valcourt works with building owners and property managers to provide preventative maintenance, repairs, safety consulting, and comprehensive building envelope restorations to extend the life of a structure and protect property value. Valcourt works on commercial office buildings, high-rise residential buildings, parking garages, stadiums, hospitality buildings, and healthcare buildings.

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If you notice that your glass has a cloudy appearance, even after cleaning then you are most likely dealing with stained glass. There are a variety of factors that cause staining: the outside elements, unsealed façade, deferred cleaning, oxidation from window frames, and misguided irrigation systems just to name a few. Over time mineral deposits from these factors can become deeply embedded into the pores of the glass resulting in staining. The longer this is left untreated the more ingrained the stains will become and may permanently etch the glass.
Yes! Our specialist can restore your glass and take preventive measures to stop it from happening again by treating the underlying causes.
To avoid permanent staining, elements like retaining walls should be pressure washed 1-2 times a year. Precast façades should be pressure washed every 2 years. This is also a great time to re-apply sealer to protect the façade from outside elements and to prevent minerals from leaching onto the glass and staining it.
Marble is a durable, but sensitive material. Oil-based stains, rust stains, organic stains, and even etch marks can ruin the aesthetics and damage marble. Our specialists can restore and remove staining without using pressure washers, which can damage the marble.
Yes! Our specialists have the tools and know-how to safely and professionally clean anodized window frames. Gentle, sustainable cleaning solutions are used to safely remove stains and build-up and leave your window frames shiny and restored.
Our waterproofing team of experts recommends checking your building’s exterior at least monthly for signs of water damage. The longer a problem persists, the more expensive it is to repair. Don’t wait until you see cracks or mold to call us!
This is most heavily dependent on the material of the sealant. Polyurethane sealants can last up to five years, whereas silicone sealants can last 10-20 years. The good news is that sealants are designed to be replaced and should be a normal part of your building maintenance plan. Check regularly to see if your sealant is cracking, if the edges are starting to pull away when touched, or if you notice water intrusion after heavy rains.
Glazing refers to the use of sealants to adhere glass, metal, and other finishes to the structure of the building envelope. Wet glazing is when you use a wet sealant that is then installed over a preformed tape or gasket. Dry glazing utilizes extruded rubber gaskets as the glazing seal.
Exterior windows should be cleaned 1-2 times a year. This prevents staining and maintains your building’s aesthetics. Most interior windows should be cleaned once a year, and high-traffic areas like entrances and lobbies should be cleaned monthly or quarterly.
Per OSHA 29 CFR Part 1910, Subpart D & I, the final rule requires building owners to provide that permanent anchorages used with rope descent systems (RDS) have been inspected, tested, and certified as capable of supporting 5,000 pounds per employee attached. Certification lasts for 10 years and inspections last for one year. Valcourt SafeSite can manage your anchor inspection and certifications to help you stay in compliance.
Yes! We can service buildings on the weekend and provide nighttime work depending on the project.

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