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40 million U.S. residents call apartments or condominiums home. When those tenets return home and see a well-maintained facade, they feel safe and comfortable walking through the front doors. A well-maintained facade helps present a positive first impression of the entire property for tenants.

Proper maintenance of the exterior of a high-rise apartment complex or condominium development includes consistent window cleaning, prompt leak repairs, proper fall protection equipment, consistent exterior repairs, and periodic exterior restorations.

Common areas, parking structures, plaza areas, pools, walkways, and maintenance areas all need consistent upkeep and repairs.

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Facade repairs and restorations include pressure washing, painting, caulking, and coatings to maintain property values.

Water, air, and thermal changes affect the integrity of the building and can compromise the building. Structural damage is often found on elevated slabs, balconies, walkways, parking garages, and structural elements.

Valcourt, working closely with our clients, carefully plans and coordinates each project to minimize disruption and ensure safe working environments.

Apartment and condominium properties need regular exterior maintenance and restoration to avoid preventable and expensive repairs—and that helps you extend the value of your investment.

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