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Universities and colleges help educate future generations.

As time goes by, these educational facilities need updates and renovations, not just to keep up with technological advances but to maintain the structural dignity of the buildings.

On the outside, university buildings need proper maintenance including consistent window cleaning, prompt leak repairs, proper fall protection equipment, consistent exterior repairs, and periodic exterior restorations.

Shared areas, parking structures, plaza areas, walkways, and maintenance areas all need consistent upkeep and repairs.

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Universities give students the opportunity to open their minds and explore career opportunities. While new ideas are percolating in the classrooms, water from outside the buildings may be penetrating the exterior of the structure. Water infiltration can cause your buildings to prematurely deteriorate, which can greatly depreciate the value of your investment. While it’s important to quickly address any leaks, it’s equally as important to understand and identify the source of the issue.

That is why our specialists take a closer look to investigate where and why the building needs to be restored. Building restoration describes the preservation, repair, and restoration of all areas of the building envelope. The ‘building envelope’ is the physical separator between the conditioned and unconditioned environment of a building. Structural damage is often found on elevated slabs, balconies, walkways, parking garages, and structural elements.

Our teams study each building inside and out to find out how to protect all structures from damage. From under your feet, to the top of the tallest building, we identify strategies to keep your investment protected. Nearly all types of building structures require some form of bird proofing to prevent, or remedy, damage and health hazards caused by the presence or nesting of various types of birds at properties.

Valcourt, working closely with our clients, carefully plans and coordinates each project to minimize disruption and ensure safe working environments. University properties need regular exterior maintenance and restoration to avoid preventable and expensive repairs—and that helps you extend the value of your investment.

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