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Facades have a major impact on your building’s aesthetics. A well-maintained façade helps present a positive first impression of the entire property. Facades that are improperly maintained not only look unsightly; they place the structural integrity of your building at risk. For over 35 years, we have helped thousands of customers maintain their assets with facade cleanings and repairs.

Masonry Restoration

How Valcourt Works

Our team is highly specialized in servicing virtually every type of facade: stone, brick, concrete, terra cotta, stucco, EIFS, and more. We help our customers stay ahead of their repairs with a facade condition report that includes an annual building survey followed by a detailed report identifying visible issues on your building in need of repair. At Valcourt, we prevent minor issues from turning into major water infiltration problems — and that helps you extend the value of your investment.

We are specialists in Facade Repair & Restoration

 If water has infiltrated your masonry facade, brick removal and replacement may be part of the solution in rectifying the issue. Masonry repair and replacement can also help mitigate safety hazards related to loose or damaged bricks. Valcourt's experts perform masonry repairs, large or small, even in hard to access areas. 

  • Brick and Masonry Removal and Replacement 
  • Brick and Stone Repointing 
  • Through Wall Flashing 
  • Lintel and Shelf Angle Replacement 
  • Masonry Stabilization  / Façade Anchors & Pinning  
  • Masonry Cleaning / Efflorescence Removal 
  • Graffiti Removal 

When it is time to replace the windows or doors on a commercial building, considerations should include budget, replacement frequency and maintenance needs. Whether you need one window or door replaced or all of them, Valcourt can help you choose the right products that meet or exceed code requirements and offer energy efficiencies where needed.

  • Windows  
  • Sliding Glass Doors 
  • Doors 
  • Flood Barrier Doors 

Structural steel is comprised of beams and columns, which support structures such as commercial buildings and parking garages. If the structural components become compromised, professional structural steel repairs may be needed to reinforce integrity. When done correctly, structural steel repairs can extend the life of a structure.

Post-tension cables are used to improve the strength and seismic resistance of concrete slabs. They can be found in multi-story buildings and parking structures. Movement, corrosion factors, and exposure can cause damage to the cables, and exposed cables can pose a safety hazard to pedestrians. Valcourt has years of experience in repairing post-tension cables to restore the integrity of the concrete. 

  • Repair and Replacement 
  • Tendon Splicing 
    • Buildings / Balconies 
    • Parking Garages  

Architectural and structural metal solutions are durable, long-lasting, and present a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations. Though the metal can provide beautiful aesthetics, it is not just used for decorative accents but also plays an integral role in overall structure and design. Valcourt's team can keep your architectural and structural metal maintained throughout the years so it keeps looking great and functioning properly. 

A window gasket is the rubber seal around the perimeter of a window preventing water and air from entering the building. Water infiltration or condensation forming inside the glass of your windows are clear signs it may be time to replace the gasket. More subtle signs, such as cracks or splits in the rubber, can be spotted during regularly scheduled window cleaning and brought to your attention. Valcourt professionals will remove the old gasket, clean away any dirt or debris, and place new gaskets safely and in a timely manner. 

Building façade re-anchoring and stabilization is a technique to combat building facade failure and help prevent building façades from collapsing in the event of an earthquake, windstorm, or other natural disaster. In many cases, facade failure is caused by the loosening or loss of fasteners in the building's walls. When these fasteners loosen, they allow the building's exterior to move independently of its interior, which can cause serious structural damage.

Helical ties are one of the most effective methods for re-anchoring and stabilization. A helical tie is made from high-strength steel that can be anchored into concrete walls at multiple points around the perimeter of a building. Valcourt is experienced in a variety of stabilization solutions and ready to service your building today. 

Carbon fiber reinforcement is a process that uses carbon fiber to reinforce concrete. The fibers are laid out in a pattern, which can be laid on top of the existing structure or embedded into the concrete's surface.

Carbon fiber reinforcement has several benefits, including:

  • Increased strength and durability
  • Reduced weight and cost
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Improved insulation properties

Many of the same restorative processes Valcourt provides for commercial buildings can also strengthen and revitalize your parking structures. 

  • Repairs 
    • Double-T and Inverted-T Repairs 
    • Post-Tension Decks 
    • Expansion Joint Repair and Replacement 
    • Joint Sealants 
    • Structural Steel Repairs and Replacement 
    • Concrete Spall Repair 
    • Full Depth Slab Replacement 
    • Carbon Fiber Structural Wraps  
    • Epoxy Injection 
    • Bearing Pad Replacement 
    • Pan Deck Replacement 
    • Drain Replacement / Repair 
    • New Drain Installation 
  • Protective Coatings 
    • Vehicular Coatings 
    • Pedestrian Coatings 
    • Penetrating Water Repellants 
    • Corrosion Inhibitor Repellants 
    • Deck Sweeping 
    • Pressure Washing 
    • Parking Deck Striping 

Loose or broken pavers are potential trip hazards for tenants, staff and guests on the property. Get them repaired quickly and professionally with Valcourt's building restoration services. 

Loose or damaged concrete can cause safety and trip hazards on your property. Concrete repair and restoration can rectify these issues while improving the aesthetics of your building and parking garage. Valcourt crews have years of hands-on experience in concrete removal, patching, and replacement along with treatment of any exposed rebar.

  • Cast-In-Place Repair 
  • Post-Tensioned Concrete Repair 
  • Precast Concrete Repair 
  • Tilt-Up Panel Repair 
  • Hollow Core Plank Repair and Strengthening 
  • Railing Post Pocket Repairs 
  • Overlays & Resurfacing 
  • Shoring 


Give your building a facelift and let its original beauty shine through! Cleaning the facade may also reveal small repairs that can be fixed before they become larger, more costly issues. 

  • Pressure Washing
    • Vertical and Horizontal Surfaces
    • Elevated and High-Rise
    • Cold and Hot-Water Solutions
    • Eco-Friendly Products
  • Detergent Cleaning

Masonry mortar joints eventually show signs of wear and tear. Properly removing and replacing this mortar helps structurally reinforce the building as well as mitigate water infiltration. Tuckpointing is the process of using two different colors of mortar leaving the appearance of very fine joints. Valcourt can fulfill all repointing and tuckpointing needs for your property. 

Wet glazing is a method of sealing glass systems commonly used on curtain walls, windows, and skylights. Sealant, often silicone, is used to seal the transition between the glass and the frame or surrounding material. Wet glazing improves resistance to water penetration and reduces glass movement. The installation and maintenance requires a specially trained contractor to access the exterior of your building. Valcourt has decades of hands-on experience in safe, efficient means to properly remove old sealant and install new on any area of your property. 

Whether traditional or synthetic stucco, often referred to as Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS), these cladding systems provide an insulated, water resistant surface for exterior walls. Though some systems can last for decades, if moisture does penetrate the system, repair or replacement is necessary to remedy water damage, mold, and dry rot.

  • EIFS Repair for Drainage and Barrier Systems 
  • Replacement of EIFS and Stucco Systems 
  • Re-cladding Installation 
  • Refinishing 
  • Patching from Moisture Damage / Delamination / Impact Damage 
  • Crack Repair 
  • Bird Hole Repair 
  • Bird Hole Deterrent for EIFS Facades 


A component of exterior wall systems and often made of metal, through-wall flashing diverts water away from the wall surface. Flashings are an importance aspect of your building's waterproofing system as water intrusion can cause damage in buildings that goes unnoticed until it reaches a severe stage. Valcourt's team can inspect, repair and replace through-wall flashing to help keep your building water tight. 

Traffic coatings are an important aspect of facilities and parking garages. When properly installed and maintained, they help keep water out and provide aggregate for traction. They also bring a fresh aesthetic to the appearance of the substrate. Valcourt installs various levels of traffic coating systems and can help you determine the right fit for your property. 

  • Pedestrian 
  • Vehicular 
  • Industrial 
    • Balconies 
    • Parking Garages 
    • Plazas Decks 
    • Walkways 
    • Warehouses 
    • Mechanical Rooms 
    • Clean Room Floor Coating 
    • PMMA System 

Grout injection is commonly performed on concrete or masonry structural members that cannot be accessed from the outside of the building. The grout expands after it is injected into the wall filling all cracks and voids to protect from water infiltration. The grout cures in place, strengthening the structure and preventing water penetration. A suitable grout material should have negligible shrinkage and should be resistant to cracking or delaminating. Some grout materials are as follows: 

  • Grouting / Injections 
  • Chemical Grouting 
  • Epoxy Injection 
  • Crack Sealing  
  • Urethane Injection 
  • Void Grouting 

Dilapidated balconies can not only be an eyesore, but also potential safety hazards to tenants. The elements and time take their toll causing cracks, rust, rot and structural damage. Trust Valcourt's balcony restoration specialists to rectify your building safely and with minimum disruption to your tenants. 

Valcourt's balcony restoration services include: 

  • Concrete Balcony Repair 
  • Balcony Plank Replacement 
  • Hollow Core Plank Repair and Strengthening 
  • Railing Post Pocket Repairs 
  • Leveling, Overlays & Resurfacing 
  • Balcony Coatings 
    • 5 & 10 year Urethane Systems 
    • Decorative Epoxy 
    • Durakdek® Systems or Vinyl Deck Membranes 
  • Railings & Balcony Partitions 
    • Aluminum 
    • Glass 
    • Composite 
    • Vinyl / PVC 
    • Steel 
  • Emergency Shoring 
  • Wood

Coatings come in many forms and fulfill many purposes, but ultimately they help prevent water infiltration. They can be spray applied or rolled on and help protect substrates such as concrete, masonry and stucco. They can also extend the life of a structure and change its appearance if desired. They can be a simple, cost effective tool but they don't last forever. When they reach their lifespan, Valcourt's experts are trained in coating replacement for your building and parking garage. 

Water repellents can be a solution for moisture intrusion on stone, masonry and stucco surfaces. Spray applied or rolled on, they create a resistance to rain. They also reduce the potential for efflorescence and staining from environmental pollutants. 

  • Elastomeric Coatings 
  • Urethane Coatings 
  • Silicone Coatings  
  • Hydrophobic and Photocatalytic Coatings 
  • Dirt Resistant Coatings 
    • EIFS 
    • Masonry 
    • Concrete 
    • Stucco 
    • Metal Panel / Roofing 
    • Wood 
    • Window Mullions 
    • Railings 
  • Clear Water Repellents & Sealers 
    • Penetrating Sealers 
    • Film Forming Sealers 
    • Corrosion Inhibitor  
    • Mineral Stain Prevention Sealers 

Waterproofing sealants help prevent water from passing through joints or material surfaces and reduce heat and air conditioning loss from interior space. They fill the gap between the elements and the structure, such as a joint where two concrete slabs meet or a window and its metal frame. Different types of sealants vary in elasticity for temperature changes or structural movement and range from water resistant to fully waterproof. Valcourt technicians are trained to effectively access a variety of difficult areas, remove old sealants, properly prepare the substrate, and install new products according to the manufacturer’s specifications and industry guidelines.

  • Sealant Repairs & Replacement 
  • Glazing Gasket Replacement 
  • Wet glazing systems 
  • Structural Glazing 
  • Weep Hole Cleaning  
  • Windows / Doors  
  • Curtain Wall 
  • Skylights  
  • Control Joints 
  • Expansion Joints 
  • Warehouse Flooring 
  • Plaza Decks  

Over time, the condition of metal mullions on buildings may deteriorate as they are continuously exposed to the elements – including rain, sunlight, and pollutants. If left untreated, the mullions may develop staining and the color to fade. Once these conditions on metal mullions have developed, and if they are allowed to worsen further over time, they may become ‘pitted’ and severely damaged beyond repair. As these conditions develop and worsen, they can cause the aesthetic appeal of the building’s exterior to suffer and become more costly to remedy.

It is recommended to perform a specialized polishing and sealing of the mullions as soon as damage is observed. Proactive property managers and owners may set aside a budget for regular service. Valcourt can remove conditions that have developed on a building’s metal mullions by utilizing specialized cleaning and polishing compounds. As a part of this service, Valcourt also applies a protective coating that will bring luster back to the mullion, as well as provide further protection from the elements upon completion.

This service includes:

  • Restore Luster To Old Mullions
  • Cleaning And Polishing Mullions
  • Polishing And Sealing Mullions

Buildings are constantly exposed to the elements, including sunlight, rain, and pollutants. These can cause staining and the color on your metal to fade. Rain that runs off dirty mullions can also stain your windows, and the costs of repairs can quickly add up. If left untreated, mullions can become pitted and severely damaged. Similar to maintenance window cleaning, it is recommended that metal cleaning on the building be added to every building’s exterior maintenance program.

This service includes

  • Metal cleaning in conjunction to window cleaning
  • Remove dirt and contaminants from metal surfaces

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