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Valcourt is ready to protect your property assets and keep water out.

But with a variety of specialized services offered by our experienced personnel, we go beyond just keeping water out. We have decades of experience evaluating commercial structures and offering solutions for water infiltration, facade aesthetics, bringing structures up to code, and more.  

Our industry is unique, and we know that every project is different from the last. We work with the project's key stakeholders to develop a custom solution based on size, scale and your budget.

In the construction industry the term ‘waterproofing’ represents a variety of speciality applications and products used to keep moisture and other elements out of a structure. Professional installation of these speciality products can serve to provide long-term protection.

Waterproofing and water mitigation strategies on commercial structures vary by the type of structure, building materials, and climate of the location. Proper application and maintenance can prevent costly repair and replacement in the future.

The Valcourt Way

Waterproofing Solutions
We protect your property assets and keep water out of your building exteriors, parking garages, below-grade areas.

High-Quality Products
Valcourt team members use only the highest quality materials for waterproofing. From decades of hands-on experience, we have learned the various important considerations when selecting the right products for the right job. 

Versatile Teams
Waterproofing teams are trained in multiple disciplines to evaluate, clean, repair, waterproof, and more to ensure a completed job of superior quality. Our project teams are trained with the appropriate skillset needed for each scope on every project.

Safe Work Site
Our commitment to safety is our top priority with each project having its own unique safety plan and thorough field training.

Guaranteed Service
We guarantee all waterproofing services, so your team and building occupants can feel confident in a job done right the first time.

We are specialists in Waterproofing

  • Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Installation 
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) 
  • CFRP Plates and Fabrics 
  • CFRP  Fabrics 
  • Fiber-Reinforced Cementitious Matrix (FRCM) 
    • Columns 
    • Beams 
    • Seismic Upgrading / Earthquake Damage Repair 
    • Increasing Impact Resistance (Parking Garage Columns) 
    • Crack Prevention 
    • Increase Load Carrying Capacity 
  • Water Testing 
  • Engineer Investigation Support 
  • Invasive Probes 

Pressure cleaning is the process of using high-pressure water and chemicals to remove dirt, grease, mold, mildew, and other stains from concrete, brick, stone, and other surfaces. It can can be done by hand or with a power washer. The benefits of pressure cleaning include: Improved appearance and durability of the surface being cleaned. The removal of mold, bacteria and other contaminants from the surface. A reduction in the amount of time required to perform regular maintenance.

Structural steel is comprised of beams and columns, which support structures such as commercial buildings and parking garages. If the structural components become compromised, professional structural steel repairs may be needed to reinforce integrity. When done correctly, structural steel repairs can extend the life of a structure.

Post-tension cables are used to improve the strength and seismic resistance of concrete slabs. They can be found in multi-story buildings and parking structures. Movement, corrosion factors, and exposure can cause damage to the cables, and exposed cables can pose a safety hazard to pedestrians. Valcourt has years of experience in repairing post-tension cables to restore the integrity of the concrete. 

  • Repair and Replacement 
  • Tendon Splicing 
    • Buildings / Balconies 
    • Parking Garages  

Many of the same restorative processes Valcourt provides for commercial buildings can also strengthen and revitalize your parking structures. 

  • Repairs 
    • Double-T and Inverted-T Repairs 
    • Post-Tension Decks 
    • Expansion Joint Repair and Replacement 
    • Joint Sealants 
    • Structural Steel Repairs and Replacement 
    • Concrete Spall Repair 
    • Full Depth Slab Replacement 
    • Carbon Fiber Structural Wraps  
    • Epoxy Injection 
    • Bearing Pad Replacement 
    • Pan Deck Replacement 
    • Drain Replacement / Repair 
    • New Drain Installation 
  • Protective Coatings 
    • Vehicular Coatings 
    • Pedestrian Coatings 
    • Penetrating Water Repellants 
    • Corrosion Inhibitor Repellants 
    • Deck Sweeping 
    • Pressure Washing 
    • Parking Deck Striping 

Wet glazing is a method of sealing glass systems commonly used on curtain walls, windows, and skylights. Sealant, often silicone, is used to seal the transition between the glass and the frame or surrounding material. Wet glazing improves resistance to water penetration and reduces glass movement. The installation and maintenance requires a specially trained contractor to access the exterior of your building. Valcourt has decades of hands-on experience in safe, efficient means to properly remove old sealant and install new on any area of your property. 

Traffic coatings are an important aspect of facilities and parking garages. When properly installed and maintained, they help keep water out and provide aggregate for traction. They also bring a fresh aesthetic to the appearance of the substrate. Valcourt installs various levels of traffic coating systems and can help you determine the right fit for your property. 

  • Pedestrian 
  • Vehicular 
  • Industrial 
    • Balconies 
    • Parking Garages 
    • Plazas Decks 
    • Walkways 
    • Warehouses 
    • Mechanical Rooms 
    • Clean Room Floor Coating 
    • PMMA System 

Waterproofing commercial planters helps protect the concrete from watering and rain which can prolong its life. Preventing water intrusion also helps prevent rot, rust or mildew. Whether fluid-applied or sheet-applied, Valcourt can install the system that is right for you. 

  • Deck Coatings 
  • Paver Leveling 
  • Pedestal Paver Systems 
  • Skateboard Deterrents  
  • Resin Membranes Coatings 
  • Planter Fabric Reinforced Liquid Applied Coatings 
    • Parking Garages 
    • Plazas 
    • Interior Atriums and Lobbies 

Grout injection is commonly performed on concrete or masonry structural members that cannot be accessed from the outside of the building. The grout expands after it is injected into the wall filling all cracks and voids to protect from water infiltration. The grout cures in place, strengthening the structure and preventing water penetration. A suitable grout material should have negligible shrinkage and should be resistant to cracking or delaminating. Some grout materials are as follows: 

  • Grouting / Injections 
  • Chemical Grouting 
  • Epoxy Injection 
  • Crack Sealing  
  • Urethane Injection 
  • Void Grouting 

Dilapidated balconies can not only be an eyesore, but also potential safety hazards to tenants. The elements and time take their toll causing cracks, rust, rot and structural damage. Trust Valcourt's balcony restoration specialists to rectify your building safely and with minimum disruption to your tenants. 

Valcourt's balcony restoration services include: 

  • Concrete Balcony Repair 
  • Balcony Plank Replacement 
  • Hollow Core Plank Repair and Strengthening 
  • Railing Post Pocket Repairs 
  • Leveling, Overlays & Resurfacing 
  • Balcony Coatings 
    • 5 & 10 year Urethane Systems 
    • Decorative Epoxy 
    • Durakdek® Systems or Vinyl Deck Membranes 
  • Railings & Balcony Partitions 
    • Aluminum 
    • Glass 
    • Composite 
    • Vinyl / PVC 
    • Steel 
  • Emergency Shoring 
  • Wood

Expansion joint systems allow movement in structures mitigating cracks and spalls in the concrete. When they reach their lifetime maximum, they must be replaced to continue to be effective. Valcourt will remove your failing expansion joints, properly prepare the substrate, and install new expansion joints for your building or parking garage. 

  • Winged Joint Systems 
  • Foam 
  • Compressions Seal Systems 
  • Metal Covered Plate Systems 
  • Roof Bellow Systems 
    • Vertical Wall 
    • Parking Garages 
    • Split Slab / Plaza Decks 
    • Fire Rated 
    • Roof 
    • Below Grade 
    • Interior Walkways 
    • Immersed 
    • Stadium 

Coatings come in many forms and fulfill many purposes, but ultimately they help prevent water infiltration. They can be spray applied or rolled on and help protect substrates such as concrete, masonry and stucco. They can also extend the life of a structure and change its appearance if desired. They can be a simple, cost effective tool but they don't last forever. When they reach their lifespan, Valcourt's experts are trained in coating replacement for your building and parking garage. 

Water repellents can be a solution for moisture intrusion on stone, masonry and stucco surfaces. Spray applied or rolled on, they create a resistance to rain. They also reduce the potential for efflorescence and staining from environmental pollutants. 

  • Elastomeric Coatings 
  • Urethane Coatings 
  • Silicone Coatings  
  • Hydrophobic and Photocatalytic Coatings 
  • Dirt Resistant Coatings 
    • EIFS 
    • Masonry 
    • Concrete 
    • Stucco 
    • Metal Panel / Roofing 
    • Wood 
    • Window Mullions 
    • Railings 
  • Clear Water Repellents & Sealers 
    • Penetrating Sealers 
    • Film Forming Sealers 
    • Corrosion Inhibitor  
    • Mineral Stain Prevention Sealers 

Waterproofing sealants help prevent water from passing through joints or material surfaces and reduce heat and air conditioning loss from interior space. They fill the gap between the elements and the structure, such as a joint where two concrete slabs meet or a window and its metal frame. Different types of sealants vary in elasticity for temperature changes or structural movement and range from water resistant to fully waterproof. Valcourt technicians are trained to effectively access a variety of difficult areas, remove old sealants, properly prepare the substrate, and install new products according to the manufacturer’s specifications and industry guidelines.

  • Sealant Repairs & Replacement 
  • Glazing Gasket Replacement 
  • Wet glazing systems 
  • Structural Glazing 
  • Weep Hole Cleaning  
  • Windows / Doors  
  • Curtain Wall 
  • Skylights  
  • Control Joints 
  • Expansion Joints 
  • Warehouse Flooring 
  • Plaza Decks  

Below-grade waterproofing is material applied below ground level to prevent water intrusion into the structure. For existing buildings and parking garages, this often requires excavating the earth around the application area. Valcourt's team is experienced in the proper methods to safely execute installation of several types of below-grade waterproofing:

  • Fluid-Applied Systems 
  • Sheet Membrane Systems 
  • Self-Adhering Systems 
  • Fabric Reinforced Systems 
  • HDPE/Bentonite 
  • Cementitious 
  • Drainage 

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