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For over 35 years, Valcourt has been a leader in the commercial cleaning industry. Each job is performed promptly, with consistent service and uncompromising quality. Safety for personnel and property is our top priority during each window cleaning job. All operations and equipment used by Valcourt meet or exceed OSHA regulations and all applicable ANSI standards.

Without regular maintenance, window systems will collect dirt, resulting in loss of transparency and pigmented spots. Stains and debris will result in decreased asset value. Surface dirt buildup will eventually cause micro-cracks and scratches to the windows. Over time, minerals and mold in the micro-cracks will gradually degrade the glass, resulting in costly restoration or even replacement of building windows.

On the flip side, sparkling clean windows add to the aesthetics of both modern and historic buildings. Well-maintained windows also increase building value and attract potential tenants or customers.

At Valcourt, we develop custom window-cleaning programs that address you and your building’s unique needs. And each service is backed by our SafeSite Program, the industry’s most comprehensive approach to risk management.

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Window Cleaning Solutions
At Valcourt, we develop custom window-cleaning programs that address you and your building’s unique needs. And each service is backed by our SafeSite Program, the industry’s most comprehensive approach to risk management.

High-Quality Products
Valcourt team members use only the highest quality materials for window cleaning. From decades of hands-on experience, we have learned the various important considerations when selecting the right products for the right job. 

Versatile Teams
Window cleaning teams are trained in multiple disciplines to evaluate, clean, and more to ensure a completed job of superior quality. Our project teams are trained with the appropriate skillset needed for each scope on every project.

Safe Work Site
Our commitment to safety is our top priority with each project having its own unique safety plan and thorough field training.

Guaranteed Service
We guarantee all window cleaning services, so your team and building occupants can feel confident in a job done right the first time.

We are specialists in Commercial Window Cleaning

Post construction window cleaning is a service that helps you get your windows back to looking like new after a renovation or remodeling project. Here are some of the benefits: Doesn't require the use of harsh chemicals, Helps prevent water damage and mold, Keeps buildings looking fresh, clean, and modern, Removes paint residue from surfaces

Retail storefront window cleaning is the cleaning of the windows that are visible to people outside a store. This is most often done by window washers, who use special equipment and cleaning products to clean the windows and remove any dirt or grime that has built up on them. Benefits of retail storefront window cleaning include: Increased visibility of your store for customers, Reduced glare and reflection on glass surfaces from sunlight, A more appealing appearance for customers by helping your business look clean and professional, Cleaner window displays also mean a better first impression for potential customers 

High dusting is a technique for cleaning windows that is often used in addition to a squeegee or window cleaning solution, but it can also be used alone. High dusting is useful for removing dirt and smudges from your windows without having to use chemicals. 

Metal mullions are the vertical bars that divide up a window into smaller panes, and provide support for the glass panels that are installed in the window frame. They are often made of metal, which means they can be difficult to clean and polish. Metal mullion polishing is a process that cleans and shines these metal bars in a way that makes them look new again. This is an important step in maintaining building windows because it helps keep everything looking fresh and modern.

Pressure cleaning is the process of using high-pressure water and chemicals to remove dirt, grease, mold, mildew, and other stains from concrete, brick, stone, and other surfaces. It can can be done by hand or with a power washer. The benefits of pressure cleaning include: Improved appearance and durability of the surface being cleaned. The removal of mold, bacteria and other contaminants from the surface. A reduction in the amount of time required to perform regular maintenance.

Nearly all types of building structures require some form of Bird Proofing in order to prevent, or remedy, damages and health hazards caused by the presence or nesting of various types of birds at properties. Birds such as pigeons, starlings, sparrows, and crows tend to congregate around buildings, which can cause a variety of problems for building owners and managers. This includes birds leaving buildings in very dirty conditions, causing health hazards, and causing poor building experiences for tenants, residents, employees, and clients.

Each building’s bird control solution varies, as each building is uniquely different in its structure, design, location, and the type of birds common to the area. Valcourt’s process begins with a full evaluation of each building’s unique features and current bird control problems and ends with developing a ‘Bird Control Plan’ that is specific to the building. The solutions can vary from use of bird control spikes, netting, wires, flex shock tracks, sound devices, visual deterrent devices, and other potential applications that can be utilized in each area of a building. Valcourt is a market leader in designing and installing all current bird control solutions and products.

This service includes:

  • Bird Control Spikes
  • Netting
  • Wires
  • Flex Shock Tracks
  • Sound Devices
  • Visual Deterrent Devices

Most buildings will require a glass restoration service at some point during the building’s life, and typically multiple times. Over time, the condition of building windows will deteriorate due to a variety of reasons. This includes pre-cast run-off, deposits from irrigation sprinklers, acid rain, metal oxidation, among other important variables. The maintenance window cleaning schedule and frequency is an important factor in mitigating the rate of development and return of these window conditions—which develop over time. However, these conditions cannot be removed from standard maintenance window cleaning services.

These window conditions worsen over time and will become more costly to remove if the building does not address them during the early stages of development. Typically, this can cause issues when attempting to lease office space, cause tenant complaints, affect the aesthetic appeal of the building, and become increasingly more expensive to remedy.

Valcourt has developed a proprietary method of removing these window conditions that do not carry the same risks as methods deployed by other providers. Other providers utilize abrasive chemicals as their primary method to remove these conditions, which can cause damage to the windows and other building components such as window seals, building facades, and landscaping below.

This service includes:

  • Safe restoration for window seals, building facades, and landscaping

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