Onslow Memorial Hospital

Case Study

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Industry: Healthcare

Location: Jacksonville, NC

Client: Onslow Memorial Hospital Jacksonville, NC


Onslow Memorial Hospital is located in Jacksonville, North Carolina, commonly referred to as Hurricane Alley. This medical facility serves a very large North Carolina coastal community stretching from Wilmington to New Bern. It also provides medical services for Camp Lejune and Cherry Point, two major U.S. Military installations located nearby.

The challenge was to provide weatherproofing services while being careful not to disrupt the 24/7 medical services this facility provides. This project entailed performing exterior sealant remediation along with the application of a weatherproof coating. Having weatherproofed numerous healthcare facilities over the years, Valcourt’s experienced and highly competent service team felt comfortable in being able to adapt to this challenge.


As with all Valcourt projects, an extensive pre-job meeting was held to discuss and develop a plan for the best way to work in harmony with the hospital’s workflow. Joint progress meetings were held on a daily basis so that everyone was kept current. As drops were made, the swing stages were not relocated until each section’s tasks had been completed. The scope of work consisted of wall and crack repair, transition sealant removal and replacement, cleaning, and a weatherproof coating application.

Valcourt understands that flexibility is a key factor to having a successful project of this type, with all its seen and unforeseen complexities. We’ve found the best way to maintain that flexibility is for all parties involved to have a clear understanding of their role, while working together in the spirit of cooperative dedication.

The products used on this job were manufactured by Dow Corning, Inc., and distributed by Guarantee Supply Co. of the Carolinas.

Work Performed

  • Transition Sealant Removal & Replacement
  • Elastomeric Weatherproof Coating Application

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