Valcourt Launches New Video Series “Safesite -vs- The Other Way”


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McLean, VA — Valcourt Building Services, a premier provider of waterproofing, window cleaning and restoration services, announced today that they are investing in a new campaign to further educate property managers and building owners about the importance of a comprehensive risk-management program. The campaign, a video series entitled “SafeSite vs the Other Way,” features two characters debating the unique components of SafeSite and how it impacts liability exposures.

"The presidential race may be stealing the headlines, but this is our industry’s first great debate,” says Valcourt Division Manager Jason Robertson. “SafeSite is the only department dedicated exclusively to mitigating risk. No one else offers anything like it. And now we’re going to explain the difference — one component at a time."

The videos will focus on a component that is unique to SafeSite and necessary for comprehensive risk-management protection. Valcourt will release a series of videos this year — starting with Facilitation, which will debut on June 23rd.

"Our ongoing commitment to safety is evident in this video series,” explains Robertson. “We do a lot of different things as part of SafeSite that you may or may not be aware of — but they’re all extremely important to keeping our customers and crews protected. Now, you have the opportunity to learn about these things with a series of videos that are just as informative as they are entertaining. They are definitely worth checking out."

To watch the video in advance of next week's debut, CLICK HERE.

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